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VICEWRLD is an online digital playground inclusive of Kinksters and the LGBTQ community. Offering both creators and users a sexual utopia of freedom and expression

So what makes VICEWRLD so different to other tokens in the adult space?

VICEWRLD wants to rework the adult industry, its not about making a carbon copy of a toxic environment and putting it on the blockchain, it’s about creating a new and exciting world that puts creators in control of their earnings and allows for healthy sexual expression and the best part is we can do this whilst directly contributing to charities like @thorn who are tackling those long standing issues.

We propose a hybrid we want to simplify using crypto to pay , embedding software in such a way that users may not even be aware they are on a de-fi platform. Our native currency $VICE has a real world use case and will be carrying out thousands of transactions a month, not only with live streaming but with NFT marketplace and other innovative use cases, which will set us apart from the competition.

The Team making it happen

VICEWRLD has been founded by an adult industry veteran and LGBTQ community member Jordanna Foxx. Jordanna is also known under the Kink title Vixen Black. Having worked in many different aspects of the adult sector for the past 20 years throughout Europe, Jordanna has gained unique insights and deep rooted connections as well as failings within the industry, she knows the pain points and intends to hit them. Jordanna attended both Oxford Brookes and Plymouth universities and holds a degree in business and event management. She is also a long term activist against the mistreatment of women and girls.

Mr Vice is hot stuff when it comes to crypto marketing and has put together an extensive and sophisticated marketing strategy to propel VICE to the forefront of adult De-Fi.

Blockchain B is a traditional marketeer and public speaker focusing on tangibles and tried and tested marketing techniques.

The unique mix together, creates a hybrid form of marketing which is in alignment with how we foresee our project overall.

Crypto ant is our secret sauce, a former ranking specialist in the British Army’s Paratrooper regiment, he has spent many years in the middle east and Africa. He now works as a security and risk specialist. Crypto ant will be ensuring our platform security is world class

Our core team is doxxed with the remaining doxxing soon