Rubic + Blockfolio Listings

This week $VICE was listed on Blockfolio, this needs no introduction and is a great listing which gives us exposure to an additional 6m users in the crypto space. Our second listing this week is Rubic finance which opens up $VICE to 6 other chains without the need for additional tokens. The current chains supported are BINANCE , Polygon , xDai, TRON, EVOdefi, Rubic with their team working on adding new chains inclusing Polkdot.

Rubic enables you to trade any token on any network with the best rates and low fees across multiple block chains.

Rubic provide a widget which will be implemented onto our main platform in the coming days. This opens up our marketing opportunities also as we can target users on different chains, this can come in handy for when out NFT marketplace goes live as we know ETH network has a great amount of NFT buyers.

These new partnerships once again represent the hard work and dedication by the team to delivering an accessible platform for all.




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